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THE BASICS: Scheduling an Appointment


1. Call our office to check appointment availability and find out what to do next, based on your cat’s history:

212-362-2650 or 914-864-1631


2. Carol will send you a Pre-Admission form. Fill it out and send it back to Carol right away.


3. Once we receive the records from your vet and deem your cat appropriate for Hypurrcat treatment, Carol will call you to schedule your Hypurrcat treatment date.


4. Call your own veterinarian to schedule an appointment for blood work and/or chest x-rays. Blood draws and chest x-rays must occur 2-4 weeks before your cat’s Hypurrcat treatment date. If you can’t get blood work done within 4 weeks of the Hypurrcat treatment, we can perform the blood draw upon admission for an additional charge.


5. Stop giving your cat methimazole 1 week before your Hypurrcat treatment date.


6. Please arrive on time for your Hypurrcat appointment. Arriving 15 minutes early is fine! We have a comfy couch for you.


For much more detailed information on the scheduling process, please click here to visit our FAQ page. Click [Expand] next to “Making an Appointment and Preparing Your Cat for Radioiodine Treatment”



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