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Referring A Cat For Radioiodine Treatment To Hypurrcat

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Required information for all referrals
Referring veterinarians should fill out an AEC Patient Referral Form, listing the medical problems, relevant treatments, and the reason for referral (ie, radioiodine treatment, nuclear imaging study, or endocrine evaluation).

Please include relevant diagnostic/lab test results and medical record copies. Be sure to include all radiographs and ultrasound reports.

Additional work-up required for all hyperthyroid cats

• CBC, serum chemistry panel, and urinalysis (within 1 month of referral).

• Chest radiographs (if cat has been hyperthyroid for longer than 6 months).

• Electrocardiogram and echocardiogram (if arrhythmia, conduction disturbance, or heart failure is suspected).

• Abdominal ultrasound (if cat has poor appetite or other signs of non-hyperthyroid disease are present).

• We need a copy of the complete medical record (results of history, physical examination, and all laboratory results)
  since time of diagnosis of cat’s hyperthyroidism. Please clearly indicate what the pretreatment serum T4 value was
  and when the cat was diagnosed.

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